The most troublesome problem of mechanical replica watches

I believe that many of my friends have worn mechanical replica watches. The most troublesome problem with mechanical watches may be errors. There are many friends around the editor who have encountered such problems. Today, I will summarize some of the reasons for the errors of our mechanical watches, and help the majority of watch friends to minimize the errors of mechanical watches.

1. Movement characteristics We all know that mechanical replica watches have certain errors due to their special mechanical power. Generally, the error range of the International Observatory is between -4 and +6 seconds for 24 hours a day. The first-class Swiss watch is 24 hours a day. The error is within -30 to +30 seconds, and the first-class domestic fake watches is within -1 to +1 minute within 24 hours of the day, so you don't have to worry too much when the error of your watch is within this range.


2. Movement position difference Mechanical watches have a certain error value due to their structure being affected by gravity during operation. Therefore, mechanical watches are inconsistent with different angle errors. Normal mechanical watches will be level with the ground during factory inspection. The error adjustment of the replica watch is completed in the state, so when we are resting at night or when it is not convenient to wear, we should take off the mechanical replica watch and place it face up horizontally, which can effectively reduce the error of the mechanical watch.


Three, external factors The external force factors that affect the time of the mechanical watch include: magnetism, water ingress, bumps and wearing habits, etc., so we should pay attention to stay away from magnetic fields, away from water sources, try to avoid bumps and use mechanical watches correctly while wearing mechanical watches. A mechanical replica watch with strong anti-magnetic and waterproof function will be damaged to varying degrees even if it is not regularly maintained or is exposed to magnetic fields or water for a long time. If the mechanical watch has large errors or damage to the movement due to external forces, you must find a professional for maintenance.


Fourth, movement polarization    In the adjusted state of the mechanical watch, the polarization data of the movement is generally 0, but due to various factors in the wearing process, the movement has polarization problems. For example, two mechanical watches with the same horizontal error, the one with polarization, when the watch produces an angle, the error will increase by several times or even dozens of times the horizontal error, while the replica watches without polarization will increase a little bit. Therefore, when the mechanical watch adjusts the error, it usually adjusts the polarization first, and then adjusts the error.


5. Movement quality The quality of the movement fundamentally determines the degree of error of the mechanical watch. Just like the watch I repaired, the Swiss movement, some other imported movements and the domestic seagull movement are very stable, like the Pearl This kind of cheap movement, you adjust its error range to the observatory data in time, and it becomes the same after two days. So when you choose a watch, one is to find a professional merchant, and the other is to pay attention to what movement the replica watch is before making a decision.