Which watches can be called Swiss replica watches

Switzerland is the kingdom of timepieces. The best timepieces in the world are all in Switzerland. Therefore, Swiss-made watches are a sign of quality and quality. At present, there are many types and brands of imported replica watches sold in the domestic market. There are relatively well-known old brands and some less well-known new brands. Among them, some replica watches belong to the "side ball", which is not an authentic Swiss "blood". . The main method is to register replica watches a watch brand trademark in Switzerland first, or buy an early Swiss small brand watch, and then install a Swiss movement, but the appearance and assembly are basically carried out in China, perhaps only extremely The small quantities are processed and assembled in Switzerland.

If the above three conditions are met, SWISS MADE or SWISS can be marked on the dial or back cover of the watch. The meaning of the two is equivalent. Swiss watches are one of the most counterfeit products in the world. There are many ways to pirate, such as brand-pirates, watch models, quality certifications and marks on metals, and “Made in Switzerland” or the word of origin. Counterfeit products are not only It caused serious damage to the Swiss watch industry, and in fact it did the same to consumers.

Therefore, many replica watch movements marked with SWISS PARTS are also directly marked with the origin of the assembly (such as Thailand). Some domestic watch merchants have vowed to claim that their watches are of Swiss origin, and they can even produce the Swiss trademark registration and documentary proof of origin. In fact, looking at their air waybill, there are always hundreds of them, and there are only one or two varieties. Depending on it, maybe they have sold replica Breitling tens of thousands of watches. I have never seen these watches. One of them can produce a Swiss watch quality test report.

The most important thing is that a Swiss movement is not the same as a Swiss watch. The value of a movement in the replica watch is not very large, and the value of the watch is in the place of origin, brand and appearance, as well as complete agency and sales. And after-sales maintenance system.