How to distinguish true and false Cartier blue balloons

The Swiss replica Watch (ETA core manufacturers) alliance has obtained a batch of extremely sophisticated and complicated craftsmanship smuggled from China to Switzerland. The craftsmanship is extremely exquisite. Various details include the material and appearance of the size screws, as well as the three-dimensional impression of the dial scale. And so can be comparable to the quality of counters. These high-precision imitation watches with prices similar to the real ones have brought huge economic losses to the Swiss fake watch industry and damaged the market image of Swiss replica watches.

For example, this replica Cartier blue balloon has the same size and details, and the sapphire inlaid on the crown is also made of real gems. The movement can also use the original 2892 movement.

Watches of this level need to be compared with the genuine ones at the counter and a magnifying glass is required. This product is a replica of the ashes level, and identification is more troublesome.


For some other low-end replicas, holding them in your hand, they feel like workmanship. They can basically be swept out at a glance. The transparent plastic body inlaid with sapphire does not have overall light transmittance. The workmanship of the plate is rough, the brushing and polishing process is not enough, the bracelets at the ears have no replica watches inner grooves, and many of them are not sapphire mirrors. The movement is even more unlikely to use Swiss 2892 or refurbished.